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Originally Posted by jmh View Post
The engine is different to the X5/X6M (see some info below)
The DCT transmission itself has a design limit of 700nm/516lbs-ft
The stock S63B44T0 has already an output of 680lbs-ft...
Over time there will be tuners offering various options but as it's already
been the case with the N54/N55s BMW has and will continue to come down hard on engine modifications when it comes to engine sw/turbos etc
So it will always be a gamble when it comes to warranty coverage and a S63B44T0 is
not a cheap part

There are a couple folks out there working on tunes such as G-Power, Mannhart, ACS, Hartge,Dinan and others.
Thanks for chiming in.
680 Neuton Meters, not ftlbs. lol I wish 680!

Regarding warranty, when Dinan launches his package, you'll have a nice security blanket there. Might be more than most other setups but you get that safety net.

I can't imagine BMW designed the DCT so marginally. For the most part most S63s are dynoing more than 516 at the rear wheels which means it's beyond max from the showroom. Time will tell...

Again thanks for the input.