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Originally Posted by singularity View Post
If you think time slips and software can't be manipulated you're wrong, whether by software (hacking measuring devices like they do to ECUs or even Photoshop) or weather, road and car's conditions (one can even show a wrong car's stats). I can continue but you get the idea.

As I mentioned it's valuable to show both, a video and statistics and the tuning company's promise to expect those is what matters. Showing fake videos and fake stats only damages a reputation so it's in their own interest to make it honest.
I didn't say that software can't be manipulated...

But it's much easier to manipulate a run between two cars down the road. There are no set distances or comparable tests that you can compare the results with. Just a video showing one car accelerating faster than the other. That has about as much credibility as people in a Golf GTI claiming that they beat a Enzo Ferrari on the autobahn... (for instance, did both drivers accelerate maximum?). The track tests that GTBOARD does probably are one of the few YouTube acceleration contests that has some merit to it.

A drag strip time is comparable because it's set on a specified distance. You can correct for altitude differences between tracks etc. And a manipulated drag strip time will be discovered when customers take their cars down the drag strip. You can compare the times with several other M5's that has been down the track at many drag strips around the world.

Yes, you can manipulate time slips and software. But that will be discovered and will backfire big time on the company.