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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
Brad - I think this may be the cause of the clearbra adherence issue you described. LakeOM5 has the same issue. He optiguarded the while car then did the clearbra. On my car the areas with clearbra have no Optiguard.
True I had big problems with suntek. Peeling off and bubbling up. Tough to say what the issue was exactly because suntek over optiguard has been done without problems on other cars.

Replaced with Xpel and has been perfect. No issues. Can't go wrong with either as long as it sticks. Can't tell the difference between the two on a black metallic M5 as far as clarity feel or performance.

One tip either way is to have your car polished professionally (or if you are really really good do it yourself) and then lay down the film. Because whatever the condition of you paint it will be locked in. BMW clear coat is "orange peel" and not smooth/flat. Polishing makes a big diff on black. Not so much on other colors.