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Originally Posted by SANguru View Post
this whole drag racing thread is comical. You do realize that 11's are pretty slow right? Back almost 15 years ago both my single turbo (T78) MK IV supra and my DSM AWD with a TD05-20G were in the 10's and will destroy my M5 and the Ferrari but give it some turns and braking requirements and you got a whole different ball game. The M5 is a lot more than straight line speed.
I agree that the M5 is not a drag racing car and that, even though Supra did quick times down the drag strip, the M5 would outrun it on a twisty road.

This debate is not about whether the M5 is a good drag strip car or if 11 sec 1/4 miles are quick or not. It's about how much faster the tuned M5 is vs std. M5's down the strip. That difference is a good measure of any power increase on the tuned car (all other things being equal).

So in that respect this debate is not comical at all. Taking a std. and a tuned version of the M5 down the drag strip is a good real life way of proving any hp/torque gain over the std. version.