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Anybody ever heard of an ECU tune from BMW M Performance Division for the S63tu?


I'm hearing rumors that the BMW M Performance Division already has an ECU tune for the S63tu engine and is supposedly giving the engine an increase in power of 640hp and 590tq. Additionally, they are supposedly working on getting the M5 Performance Package from Europe over to the USA so that U.S. customers can enjoy a 190mph speed limiter. However, nothing is yet available to remove the limiter completely. So far to my knowledge no tuner has yet cracked the code to remove the limiter completely. Even more additionally, I have heard that the BMW M Performance Division has already designed their own downpipes and full exhaust system for the F10 M5.

I have never really researched the BMW M Performance Division and their parts before. Are they officially part of BMW or are they an aftermarket tuning company that is allowed to use BMW's name? Kind of like how the Federal Reserve has the word "Federal" in it, but is no more a part of the federal government than Federal Express, which is a privately owned company.

I just wanted to engage the community about this as I have never heard of any thing like this before from the M Performance Division for the F10 M5. I know they make exhausts and stuff for the M3 and 335i's and such, but nothing for the F10 M5 until now.

Google Search hasn't really yielded any results and the best that I could find was this:

Which seems to be a website affiliated with the BMW South County dealership.

Can anyone shed some light on this? One HUGE reason why this is interesting is because if the BMW M Performance Division parts are indeed a part of BMW AG, wouldn't that mean that their products don't void the warranty? I also know that they came out with a tune for the N55 engines that doesn't void the warranty. It would be great if these rumors were true and that their tune does actually make that much power and will not void the warranty.
Honestly, I would forgive BMW for every mistake they ever made, if they just let us Americans buy the G30 M550d.

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