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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
My sources seems to be credible, although he hasn't responded directly back to me to answer my questions yet.

My source states that he is practically best friends with either the owner or some high level person who works for the BMW M Performance Division and that he actually rode in his F10 M5 with the tune on it, and because of his relationship with this employee is able to get the tune on his brand new F10 M5 within the next couple of weeks. He just purchased his M5 last week. My source lives in Marietta, GA. Is this where the BMW M Performance Division is located? Or perhaps somewhere close to there? My source has also stated that he is going to pay $5,000 for just the tune. Not a bad price for 640hp /590tq and your warranty not being voided!
If there is really an official tune out there for 5k that'll bump the power to 640hp/590tq...I'm all over it (assuming it doesn't void the warranty). Is this all attainable without any other modifications, just strictly an ECU tune?