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Originally Posted by Poleposition View Post
Very Exciting but just to clarify, The Federal Reserve is not a private company like Federal Express but an actual arm of the government of the United States with some private involvement and interest. Same with the M division being a part of M GmbH with the parent company being BMW AG.
Haha, sorry don't mean to get off topic and start a debate here, but if your source about the Federal Reserve is Wikipedia, you are sorely misinformed. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the federal goverment. It is also privately owned, but no-one knows by whom. Do a little more research. Contact me privately if you wish to continue this discussion. I don't want this thread to become jacked and off topic. Thanks!
Honestly, I would forgive BMW for every mistake they ever made, if they just let us Americans buy the G30 M550d.