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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Are we talking about rain and some wind, or hurricane conditions?
Those are just some of the conditions that can destroy a BMW parked outside. Lets not forget:

Sandstorms (SoCal is close to the Mojave desert)
Random gravitational singularities


- Squirrels have been known to get in the engine bay and eat all the wiring
- Elves have been known to vandalize or even steal cars on dealer lots
- Homeless people have been know to take shelter by breaking car windows and then sleeping in the backseat while using the front passenger seat as a bathroom
- Registered democrat voters have been known to repossess these cars to give away to the lazy, oops , I mean disadvantaged
- Frenchmen getting confused that it might be New Years Eve and torching it
- Vancouver tourists smashing the car for recreational entertainment

Yep. The dealer lot is no place to store a BMW.
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