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BMW Office Software with iPhone Defect

While I love the M5 and most all of it's functionality, I'm quite annoyed by the "buggy" software in interfacing to the iPhone5.

Having spent a lifetime in the PC and tech industry and after shipping hundreds of millions of chips into HW / SW systems, BMW has not done a good job in developing, and validating the software.

How do we get BMW to get this addressed and fixed?

The functionality that I expected was to:
1) Configure my car for my phone
2) Configure my phone notifications
3) Pair the phone to the car

After this, it should just work... but it doesn't.

After contacting BMW Customer Service, I get the following cursory answer - Thank you for contacting BMW of North America, LLC regarding the telecommunications system for your BMW.

A listing of Bluetooth® compatible phones and their functionality features can be found at<>, under the “Owners” section, “Bluetooth® Technology”. This information is updated frequently so please check back periodically for the most current information.

Once you are under the “Bluetooth® Technology” portion of our website, please click on the "Currently Available Phones" tab. You will be able to input your VIN and select your carrier from the drop down box. Next you will see a list of all compatible phones with your vehicle. Once you have selected a phone, you will see a list of features and functions. This list will show you whether or not BMW NA, LLC has determined if your phone has the ability to access Mobile Office features. If your phone is not listed on our website, we cannot guarantee functionality with our Mobile Office or our Bluetooth® system.

I replied - Thanks, I know the information that you cited, I've been to the website and all of the forums. I want to know what BMW is really doing to get iPhone5 to work correctly with BMW apps, and the capability that is supposed to be there on the car. Office is a piece of junk - I have it in two cars (2013 BMW M5 and 2013 BMW 328i) and an iPhone5 doesn't work in either. So please find out the real answer on what work Engineering is doing, and when it will be resolved and a software update available from BMW so that Office works with an Apple iPhone5.

Then the reply came back: At this time, we have no additional information regarding when this feature may be available for your phone.

Anyone have any ideas or contacts that we can elevate this to for quick action and resolution?