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Originally Posted by greentrbo95gst View Post
Before I ask the questions I wanted to let you know that my plan is to pick up the car mid April. (Need to make sure Stelvio pass is open)

Here are the questions.

1. Once I place the order I know I am given 3 possible dates to pick up the car. How far apart are these dates from each other?
2. I plan on staying in EU for 8 days driving down, around and back to Germany.
For those that traveled couple thousand miles, how did you locate hotels along the route? Did you have to pre-book or was it just spare of the moment "let's sleep here" type of deal?
3. Based on what factors did you plan your route? I would love to see some beautiful scenery, snap some photos, try some new food, but not sure how to pre-plan all of it.
4. I would love to have my break-in service done in back in Germany and then head to Nurburgring. How hard is it to pre-schedule something like this and how did you choose your station?
5. Does BMW ED help with any pre-planning?
6. How much time is needed to explore The Welt?
7. Does BMW fix any rock chips prior to delivery in the States?
8. How do you book your drop off location?
9. What is the estimate of Euros that you brought along with you?
Was cash a better option than plastic?
As you can probably tell I like pre-planning everythign and know what to expect, hence the level of stress is going up as I do not know what to expect.

Thank you so much to those that spend time on replying.
Would love to buy lunch for whoever is in OC and did European Delivery to pick your brain a little, but if you can answer here that works as well.
Btw, Im ordering Azurite Black with either BLk or SO interior (not sure on that one).
1. I requested the dates, and all three were available. I ended up picking them in order of what I preferred. I chose dates approximately a week from day 1 to day 3 apart.
2. We used a combo of guidebooks and the internet. After choosing them, we cross-checked against the various ED forums regarding parking (secure if you have a M5) to make our final choices.
3. Check out the ED forums for advice on this...there are folks that spend a lot of time traveling that can help out. For our ED it had to be alps, driving a couple passes, Lake Como, and down to the Italian/French riviera. Also, be aware that drop-off in Italy someone will drive your car back to Germany.
4. Didn't do my service in Europe, but there are folks here who did. They can explain how to do so and submit the expense for reimbursement.
5. Not really. They have a travel co. that can help you and you'll get info in the mail regarding the discounted Lufthansa tickets.
6. Depends on what you are interested in seeing. Just the Welt? The BMW factory? The museum? If all three, I'd say two days above and beyond your delivery date.
7. If they are large enough to be noticed on the final drop-off inspection, yes.
8. Look at the list of the drop-off sites and send them an email to set a date and time. You'll need to let BMW know the location and date. A couple days before drop-off email/call the location confirm.
9. That is completely personal. We don't bring any euros with us from the US. Just a debit card, AMEX, and MasterCard. Once we get to the destination airport we'll withdraw some cash to have on-hand...and then get money as needed at the cash machines in the cities we visit.
10. Need to have some cash, but with a couple cards (call ahead to your banks to tell them you are traveling abroad) you'll be good.

Azurite black with Sakhir Orange would be sick. I considered that, but have had all dark I went Alpine White with Sakhir Orange. I'm in the OC, feel free to PM me to discuss. Coffee and beer work too.
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