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Originally Posted by avi8tir View Post
I was expecting a different sound out of this thing... It has a clear intake sound... but its more like honda civic intake sound, if you know what I mean. I hear lots of air sucking, and a little more turbo noise, but thats it.

Maybe it needs to adjust or something? we'll see, but it could be for sale soon!
Im sorry but do you know what a honda civic with an intake sounds like?...

They are not turbo'd its a completely different sound. The only extra noise you are hearing is the turbo's, as that is how a turbo car works not a throttle body like on a civic. The connection between your foot and the intake noise becomes slightly delayed with a turbo. The sound on a civic or M3 or 5.0 mustang are much deeper then a F10 M5 or skyline or any turbo car. Which sound more like a jet airplane or other turbine powered machines as they are turbos as well.

Hows the power and throttle response feel? Sound shouldn't be the only factor especially if its just cause its louder then stock as that is a part of more flow and less restriction

Hope it grows on you.... I know I love mine
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