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Originally Posted by Niko1414 View Post
Service menu fun.
Press and hold the odometer reset button and at the same time turn the ignition on by presing the start stop button. Release the odometer reset button, and you should see a menu of 4 items on the dashboard. From here, use the odometer reset button to advance to the next entry using a short press, and to select the desired entry using a long press.

Move to the one labelled UNLOCK. You will be presented with a passkey screen. The passkey is the sum of the last 5 digits of your VIN. Increment the code by pressing the odometer button until you reach the calculated passkey. Then a long press of the odometer button to select it.

Has anyone tried any of the items in this menu? I got in and saw a number of things but didn't try anything out. Just wondering what they all do or change. Thanks.
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