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Originally Posted by mcgm5 View Post
The last person that knows what there talking about is the tech's at the dealership. As I just read in a couple other threads, some dealerships didnt even know how to go about the 1200 miles service, nor did they bother to look up the TSB for instructions. Some changed engine oil but disregarded changing out the diff fluid.

So I do not believe that the car has reduced HP before the re-flash.
Agreed, a lot of so called dealership techs don't know what they are talking about. When I took my X5M in for the first time, they wanted to put 10/60 in it, I told them shouldn't it be 5W-30? The tech said no, all M car uses 10/60, I then showed him BWM's own documents that says X5M should use 5W-30 and the tech apologized and said he has never seen the document.

I don't know whether BMW F10 M5 has reduced HP before 1200M service or not, but I do know techs are not to be trusted completely.