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Obviously from the majority of responses most owners of a 100k car do give a fuck about gas mileage. It may not be a priority though, but still important. Why not at least try to have your cake and eat it too? Having a 100k car should not mean we are not going to care about things like the environment and dependence on foreign oil, or frequent stops at the gas station. There are factors beyond the cost of the gas. Besides, I believe BMW had it posted at 15/22, now has a "TBD" wording on their website, so do not be surprised is under EPA revision, which is what happened with the F10 550 that send it deep into guzzler territory. Also, I like the large tank on the M5 and coupled with good MPG gives me a longer range so I do not have to stop that often for gas. Once all of us go beyond the break-in period at about 5k, lets do this exercise again, MPG should get better.

I do wish it had better MPG, but I understand that kind of power comes with a tradeoff. I am getting one despite the MPG. But it gets to me that everytime when this question is asked there is someone who will come with the same "if you can buy a $100K dollar car MPG shouldn't be an issue" crap. Many of us do care. M5 hybrid anyone?