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Originally Posted by jbomb View Post
but surely there is a difference between caring and being interested.
I agree if you own a 560hp car fuel shouldn’t be your deciding factor but I for one can afford an M5 and have ordered one but that doesn’t mean I can afford to fill the tank up 4 times a week every week. In the UK that would mean £1600 a month just on fuel alone! BTW I know that is a bit of an extreme example.
I am sure you could all afford a lambo's and Ferraris if you wanted them but I bet you say to yourself (I couldn’t because of the running costs).
There are people out there that stretch themselves to own their dream car (maybe it’s an M5) and we shouldn’t forget that.
Thanks all. Appreciate the data, and the sentiments. I prefer having all the data, then making informed decisions. The "who cares, it's a $100k car" responses reinforce to me that BMW has over-reported the EPA mileage and that the answer for real-world mpg is "low." Does it matter? For some, "yes"; for others, "no."

re: My e46--it's my track car. Mileage doesn't matter. Was just offering a data point.