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Originally Posted by dr.skp.ortho View Post

For me I will never ever ever understand why anyone could care about fuel consumption on a 412kw car.

Each to their own.
BMW cares, as they have stated (paraphrasing) the F10 M5 through technology has achieved a substantially better economy than the E60 M5.

Lets not be extremists, all I am saying is that most including BMW do care, although granted we do not have unreasonable expectations on a car with this kind of power. We just don't make it a priority to makes us want to buy a Prius instead (another repetitive black or white type of comment posted on these MPG discussions that misses the point). Given the choice, would you want the next gen M5 to have more power and better fuel efficiency than the F10 M5? Or lets go to the anti-Prius extreme to play that game, would you get an F10 M5 if it gave you an average of 5 MPG? If nobody cared, then no one would try to find technology to make certain things possible.