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Originally Posted by kona jack View Post
I've had this issue for the last month. Took it to the dealer last week. They said they fixed it, but still has the same problem. I just dropped it off for another service. Hopefully they figure this out. My last M5 and M6 and my wife's X5m have no issues. Sounds like its a major flaw with the F10, M5
This is NOT a major flaw. Previous versions of the M5 have in fact had crappy brakes; good for one high speed stop, but lousy for repeated, heavy braking, such as being on a road course. The F10 M5 is the first M5 with the floating rotor design along with decent sized rotors and calipers; we should all be very grateful that finally the car is equipped with decent 'stoppers'. However, decent brakes are 'noisier'; it's unavoidable. But it's a trade-off that is absolutely worth the increased braking performance.
Regardless, try the following to minimise the 'squeal' when coming to a complete stop:
bed the brakes in properly after about 300-400 miles;
if not using the brakes 'hard', use the occasional rapid stop method from 80 mph down to 5 mph as above. Do NOT come to a complete stop and allow the brakes to cool for a few minutes between stops;
keep the wheels clean from brake dust as much as possible;
have this type of product, [Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant], placed on the back of the pads if all else fails;
learn to live with it; recognise it as a sign of the excellent brakes your car has.