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I just started experiencing the same loud squeal under light breaking in the last two weeks as well (car has 4100 miles so this is something new). I agree it's downright embarrassing that's how loud it is. I'm convinced extreme cold is a contributing factor to the noise. I live in the Northeast and we haven't experienced sub-freezing days until about 2 weeks ago. In addition, my car is garage kept and I don't get the squeal when first taking it out. After a day at work sitting in 20 degree weather that thing squeals the whole way home. A co-worker of mine has an F10 M5 as well and we spoke this morning. Same thing for him. We expect 50 degrees here sometime next week and I'm going to pay close attention for the squeal. Assuming it's gone I'm going to conclude that this is the primary factor in causing the squeal. Not sure there is going to be a fix for this.