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I understand your POV. Maybe you can think of the other way around. Even if you were to bring in your Kia, we'll still take excellent care of it, just like your M5. It's because of the wide range of experience we have on different makes and models. Even if you have two cars that are of same make/yr/model/color, the paint behavior could be very different and we would know to customize it for maximum correction. I have yet to meet a high end detailer that only focus on certain make, but doesn't mean they don't exist. But pt taken and we'll try to focus more on BMW/M5 in this thread. Thank you very much for your feedback, we truly appreciate it.

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I too own several makes of cars and would go to each individual detailer who specializes only in those particular models. Personally, I would not go to a generalist detailer since he would treat all makes of cars the same way -- meaning you guys will treat my M5 same way as you will treat a Kia although I know that you do mostly high end cars (probably) but your posting showing different car models for detailing just tells me otherwise.