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Disable ASD through recoding

Originally Posted by Tigumz View Post
With all this discussion, I want to experiment with the active sound system and understand (from one of the first C&D articles) that it can be deactivated by pulling a fuse.

I just found out another method to disable the ASD module without physically removing it and without pulling the fuse. There's a special ASD configuration that may be modified using E-Sys:
Open the ASD module and change
3000 ASD-Configuration - Funktionen - Baureihe to F021.
Now the module thinks you're driving a F21 model and doesn't activate itself. This is working perfectly, I did it on my own M5 because the ASD really disturbed me.

If you only want to change the sound, you may play with the 'Motor' setting and insert e.g. 'N57D30' so the module thinks you're the owner of a Diesel engine...

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