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Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
those badges added 100hp ??
You never know, he might have claimed them from the M5s he's destroyed
Originally Posted by jmh View Post
Maybe you can find him here ...

Given his attitude I think you did the right thing and just moved on, just not worth your time
and gas.
Regardless whether he has a faster car or not he does come across like a douche.
The F10 there looks very similar, but he didn't have a black roof. Plus that one is tastefully modded, his F10 was somewhat tacky.
Originally Posted by ufgtrs2007 View Post
Good idea on not giving this guy any more motivation to act more brash. You never know these days.....
Exactly, if I can avoid conflict, that's the route I take.
Originally Posted by LAKEOM5 View Post
I would have said "I doubt your car is faster with that gigantic douche bag on the driver's seat weighing it down"

Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post

Nice photo of the M grill badge above the Cali plate. He must have added the 2nd M grill badge to get the total whp to over 500.
Not him, that 5 looks well executed! Badging always helps with horsepower though
Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Damn, I wish that was me that ran into him! I would have definitely raced him, even if I was on my way for a doctors appointment or to pick up my date (sorry I was late honey, I had to go race this fool, she would then proceed to tell me that's rad). After boot's dyno of 562hp to WHEEL with our RPi exhaust, it would have been not only epic but pure comedy! After the race, I would tell him that I recorded the whole thing and that I'm posting it up all over the forums to expose his ill-intentioned claims. I hope I run into this guy one day, I really do. LOL!

Oh also the 21" wheels was a dead giveaway that I would win in any scenario. More unsprung weight = more lost races.
I wish you ran into him instead! Not that I condone street racing.... But that would be some awesome footage
Originally Posted by Rob///M5 View Post
Nope, I was at that meet. No douchebags there. Although, I didn't notice that fake M who knows.
Yeah as I said above, that's definitely not the guy. Plus those are 20s it looks like
Originally Posted by B-1 Pilot View Post
his license plate says 6-PMP-9 69. Says it all.

Seems there is quite a market for faux - M5s as well.
The guy I ran into didn't have a front plate, so I don't think it's the same guy
Originally Posted by MakeEmDrool View Post
What you should have done was pump gas over his hood then light a match and throw it over. Then say, "i took it easy on you". Thats how it would go down...if u were bruce willis and this was a movie.

Anyway, who gives a shit. U took the high road. Whos to say a 99 civic with a recycled jet engine wont pull up to u at the next pump and say the same bs. Bottom line is ur car is the one women take their tops off for and wave at u when u drive by...i.e. U sir, are an m driver. Yes, those women r whores, but still...
Hahahaha, got a good laugh out of that one. Especially the last part

Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
Seriously doubt this guy is even on the forums. Anyone who is would know better than to be rude to another Bmw enthusiast and know for damn sure no 535 is making 500 no matter what you do.

If he is on the forums, no hard feelings. But I am highly doubtful he is touching even 500 crank with those mods.
Originally Posted by Vic55 View Post
21inch forgiatos!!!!!!!!! His 0-100 is probably 12 seconds LOL 500hp haaaaaaa more like 500 crank if not even less...... Douchebaggery at its finest.
My sentiments exactly. Those rims looked bulky as hell, its probably like driving with a boat anchor.
Originally Posted by ufgtrs2007 View Post
He's living in a dream while you're living the dream....
I'm not exactly living the dream, but I'm driving one
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