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Originally Posted by M54ccibo View Post
Sure enough, right below the orange air filter, there they were, aluminum patches...but above the air filter...woah...what's that? Charcoal Filter!

- Torx T20 driver
- Torx T20 bit
- Small ratchet
- Flathead screw driver
- Some duct tape

5. Reassemble. Optional: Take a peek to see if you have a hole in your air box (not required).
First, thanks for bringing the charcoal filters to our attention. I'm surprised no one had mentioned them previously with the various Gruppe M air box installations. There is now another wrinkle in the airbox saga. I've found a snorkle installed in the airbox, I assume in the open hole others have. No aluminum block off plate, but the snorkle in this picture. My M5 build date was November 2012. Oh, and the torx on my airbox are T25, not T20 if somehow there has been a slight redesign of the box....?
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