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Originally Posted by cmhsam View Post
check and build out the vehicle in question. That will tell you invoice price, MSRP, etc. Also go to to get the current lease MF and residual. Put it into an auto lease calculator and it will spit out your payment.

If you dont have a trade be open to going outside your area. Negotiate over invoice. It sounds like from other threads that dealers have inventory on their lot. If you are willing to come to OH I have a great CA and dealership who will work with you. Several forum members have bought through them. PM for his info.

I ran some numbers for you with this info.

MSRP - $109K
Cap Cost - $99K
Down payment - $10K
Residual 51%
Money Factor - .00125 (this is the buy rate. usually the dealer will mark this up. I added .0004 to the MF). Money Factor to customer is .00165.
Sales tax - ? Depending on where you live. I used 6.75%. This is tax where I live.
15K miles per year


hey thankyou i went to a different dealer today and they have a 100,000 m5. and there numbers are residual is 52% at 52,413 and 36 months and the the money factor is .00130. sales man is telling me if i put 6000k down my payment will be lower 12xxs.