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M5 price drop due to damage

Hey Guys,

Just in the process of getting into an M5. Have the E90 M3 but with kids on the way the wife told me I needed something bigger. So my "daddy mobile" is going to be the M5 LOL

I was looking all over the net trying to see if there was anything that stuck out as a pretty good deal. Also, been checking around here to see what people are paying but everyone seems to be doing the ED which isn't an option for me. While doing my search I can across a M5 at Kuni BMW in Beaverton, OR which was listed for 94,995 with a msrp of 101,875. So of course I inquire about the vehicle and shortly after the salesperson discloses that the vehicle hit a deer while on a test drive. The damage totalled about $5500 which was all done conveniently by Kuni bodyshop. I am assuming because the ownership is the same they got a pretty good deal so the total would actually be higher. The front bumper, hood, right front panel, right front headlamp and reflector were all replaced.

After much talk with the salesperson and me saying I wasn't comfortable spending that on a vehicle that had that much damage they lowered the price to 93,500. We are still far off on what I would ever be comfortable paying.

My question to you guys is would you touch this vehicle for any price? If so, what would it take for you to feel comfortable buying it?

Also, what are these vehicles going for these days? Couple thousand below MSRP sound right?

Thanks guys!