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Originally Posted by Timberwolf
Maybe I'm out of place but I simply don't see the value here. I'm sure it sounds nice and pulls some much needed weight but the power gains are nominal. For $8k minus labor I simply don't see the value. Please dont say titanium cause ive had issues with welds in the past, and nightmares getting repaired... OP i dont mean any disrespect simply trying to understand what folks are drawn to. I'd just expect more cowbell for that money!
No disrespect taken. I guess it all depends on what you consider valuable. I did not like the tone or the tips of the oem exhaust, so I went aftermarket. Also, I did not want to cut the oem as I want to keep it, and don't want to weld to replace axle back if I needed to reinstall.

In my research, all of the full exhausts came out to be roughly the same cost, save RPI. So, given the choice between Eisenmann, Meisterschaft, and Akra, I chose Akra.

I guess the same thing can be said about watches. Some people buy timex, others Patek Philippe. Last time I checked they tell time exactly the same way, and one is way less expensive, but the latter prized for its workmanship and design.
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