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So I am able to play DVD video fine on the move with the new settings but I cannot for the life of me get video to play from an old ipod classic that has some videos on it or from a USB stick with some MKVs on it in Divx. I am almost positive I have the settings

HU_NBT -> 3003 -> API_USB_VIDEO --> both
this enables the menu selection of "movies" in i-Drive for the USB-Device
if you want to play DivX->Xvid contents as well (or Video-cD at that)
the following Settings are also necessary.
HU_NBT -> 3000 -> ENT_CODEC_XVID --> aktiv
HU_NBT -> 3000 -> ENT_CODEC_XVCD --> aktiv
Will play any format (mpg, avi, mkv, divx . Also at HD Resolution)

But I will check it again. Behavior is the same black screen along with the audio. But assuming I do have that all right is there a format, or codec, or anything special I need to make this work?

Also I just noticed today that my HUD Turnsignals that worked fine for a long time have given up the ghost and are no longer there. I have not done any
coding since they were added. Anyone else seen this? thanks!