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Originally Posted by avi8tir View Post
whats youre source on this?
Think this is official now - with Jason listing an article that the entire M6 range will get the option. Honestly as a MT driver this is massive news. I assume this will be the last generation - I also heard its coming in 7MT. This is a huge huge risk and investment by BMW. Everyone is turning their backs and they make this type of move - huge statement of their engineering prowess!

Originally Posted by PrimeTimeJohn View Post
I agree with you. I am enjoying the rev matching with downshifting. The nice thing is that if you really want to heel toe shift yourself, you can just put it in Sport Plus mode and the rev matching is turned off. So we can have the best of both worlds. I think BMW did well with giving us this option in the manual transmission.
Agreed, this car actually does so many things well its pretty amazing. I was not 100% sold at 1st with the MT because of the nature of the engine and the turbos. But after driving it for about 1500km I will say that it really adds character to the car.
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