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I've never driven a car with auto-blip before, but I guess I can see how it might be handy, at least when you're feeling tired/lazy or just want to provide a smooth ride to passengers who scare easily. But if your clutch work and shift timing no longer matter when driving MT, then if you're the type who would keep auto-blip on permanently, I have to wonder what the point of driving auto-blip MT over DCT is. Part of the thrill of MT for me is always chasing that perfectly smooth upshift or rev-matched heel-toe downshift and feeling like a total hero when I get it exactly right, so if the computer now handles the blip and will hold the proper RPM until whenever you release the clutch, it seems to me that all you've got is essentially a DCT car with a built-in leg press and a way to select gears directly rather than sequentially. Doesn't seem to leave a lot of the driver engagement.

But most of all I wish there were a way to turn that off separately from changing throttle to Sport Plus. If Sport Plus on the M5 is anything like Sport Plus throttle on the M3, it's almost undriveable, and it doesn't make sense to me why BMW would assume that people's desire for auto-blip would be tied to their throttle sensitivity/linearity preference. I use Sport throttle for street driving and Normal for back road and track driving for its increased precision and linearity, and I can see myself sometimes wanting auto-blip in each of those scenarios and sometimes not.
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