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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
I only have a regular C63, but have a feeling Ill miss the exhaust when i move into the M5.
Stock for stock, I think i may like the M5's exhaust better comparing to the c63 amg. It takes some time to appreciate it but when you do its a lovely thing. Heres my perspective against NA engines.

Revving wise- C63 amg wins
High acceleration- M5 wins, I do this all the time which the sound is beautiful IMO
Low Rpms- C63 Amg wins, I definitely miss the NA in terms of this
Idle- M5 wins hands down, especially when the exhaust is opened up it can be extremely loud when at stop lights.

Comparing the Black C63 this may be different, cause isn't the black much louder? Correct me if I am wrong.

Vic- I can definitely sense where your coming from in terms of loudness. I think you may need some downpipes for that eisenmann to bring that sound out.