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MWLMD- Thats the car I'm talking about. I only spoke to a salesperson via emails and tried to explain the best of what I could at the start of the thread. The salesperson said that the car was "New" and damaged while driving so I assumed it was a test drive based on the "New" title. You are probably totally correct with it being the owners demo car. I guess one should never assume. If you get a chance on a "rainy" day, swing over there and check the car out for me/us. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how it looks and if you drive it, how it feels.

Appreciate your feedback. I got a repair receipt from them but I am not a mechanic so I couldn't totally tell everything that was fixed. I didn't want to post it on here because I wasn't sure that was the right thing to do with respect to the dealership.

To answer one of your questions, no the accident will not be on the title. The salesperson said they would show me the carfax report which would not show the damage. Is it because like you said they are certified collision shop? I would think it would still have to be listed on there no?

Thanks for all the comments guys. Keep em coming