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Proof that they should rename the F10 M5 to the M7!

So when I got home from work today, I noticed a peculiar BMW in the parking lot. When I examined it closer, I saw that it was actually am E65 760Li! Pretty rare car, I would say. So I appreciated it for a minute and then went into my house. I then got to thinking that this would be a great opportunity for a size comparison with an E65 BMW. I pulled my M5 out of my garage and parked next to the 760Li. What I saw confirmed my beliefs. The F10 is nearly as massive as an E65 7 series. Seems like the E65 is definitely wider than the F10 and the roof line is a tiny bit higher than the F10, but jeez, this reinforces my belief that we are truly driving a fast 7 series. Just my opinion. Although it handles and drives nothing like an E65 7 series and more like an M3, but man these new BMW's are getting too big for me personally. I'm seriously considering a 2015 ///M4 coupe as my next BMW. Don't think that I'll be getting the next generation ///M5 if they are going to keep making them bigger. It's getting out of control I think. Anyways, just wanted to make a silly post and hope that you enjoy the pictures.
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