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Originally Posted by neurom View Post
Thanks for your answers, very encouraging, no fine print. Excuse my ignorance, but what is VO?
The VO (Vehicle Order) is a list of options that your car should have installed (based on options you selected when ordering the car and what has been configured at the factory/VPC and/or dealer).
In some cases you have to re-write your VO if you want to retrofit options, such as the steering column stalk for the high-beam assist button.
A dealer can also re-write your VO to retrofit options but needs an enablement code
from BMW to do so.
The e-sys software lets you re-write your own VO so you can add options after the fact, which also includes options the dealer would not be able to get through BMW (such as high-beam assist on a F10 M5)

A number modules such as CAS and LMA use the information in the VO to
identify whether a particular option is installed or not.
For example if you don't have a particular option in the VO the corresponding module will
ignore any features/functions/considerations for this function.
Basically the VO is the way to tell the your car about the modules/options that are installed and configured.
The VO also includes other non critical pieces of information such as your original factory color code etc.
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