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Originally Posted by Yugo View Post
I know this is the wrong section (F10), but seems like the E60 section doesn't get much attention lately. I was wondering if anyone care to share their experience with the E60 M5?

I would consider buying one as a "fun dd" car. If I do buy it, I would purchase w/in the next few months and keep the car through the end of the year and sell. Just wanna get that V10 out of my system.

I would be looking at cars w/ roughly 30-50k miles, pref SMG. Any known issue or things to consider before I take this risky move? I probably would get a third party warranty just for piece of mind. Thanks for any input.
I loved mine and I really modded it heavily and tastefully but I would not consider it for a DD after getting the F10. Prices have dropped dramatically and will continue to do so so you can probably scoop one up reasonably. the V10 is very cool but it lacks low end torque in a big way. Biggest advice would be shoot for a 2010. Mine had significant upgrades and a lot less problems than friends I know with earlier models.