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My M6 and M5 dyno'd at EAS- Pics of the M6 and dyno charts inside!!!

Mods please leave this here if possible--- there is no traction on the M6 side and I think some or most of the members can appreciate this post- thanks.

Yes, I got an M6 too. Why? Maybe I was bored, maybe I enjoy the S63tu and its potential very much. I drove it at a local dealer a few weeks back off a whim and it was very impressive. I am keeping the f10 right now as they serve two purposes; a four door sedan than can haul 5 and a sleek sexy coupe that just looks really good.

In short I found it to handle differently than the M5. The chassis feel, response in short turns and high speed bends was awesome. In a straightline, handling was very similar as both suspensions share a similar set up. But the car just inspired more confidence at speed. Understeer is less prevalent in the M6- turn in feels easier as well. It in no ways is a gtr or even a porsche turbo handling wise but the car is great. Maybe it was the seats with the side bolsters that made it feel like it handles better than my M5 The car also sounds louder than my M5 did prior to my E-Race install. Im not sure why or was the active sound turned up Since I have the Eisenmann Race on the 5 Im gonna take a shot with Meisterschaft on this car. Install is slated for Friday and then another dyno to see if there are any real gains.

The interior is really great- the seats are amazing, carbon fiber all over the place, and the 3 spoke steering wheel is a nice change from the M5. I think its just a more luxurious feel overall and it should be given its price tag. I got a smoking deal so I pulled the trigger.

The car did feel slightly faster via the butt dyno vs my M5 but I wanted to make sure so I went to go see Tom and Steve and the guys at EAS- my local So Cal BMW shop to dyno it and make some comparos. Thanks again to all the EAS peeps including Anthony who always takes great phots without any planning. I have attached pics of the car and the dyno sheets of the M5 (done last December). I know they were done in different conditions but the temps were relatively close and so are the numbers. The slightly lower weight and chassis set up gives the M6 the advantage IMHO handlingwise and in speed. Whats ironic is I found this Car and Driver comparo after I got the 6:

Im in no way saying that the 6 is better than the 5- hell I have both and if I could only have one Id have the 5. They serve two different purposes and while they have the same engine, there are differences outside of that. Maybe not enough for most but enough for me. I like to waste money and switch cars alot so this was a necessary taste test YMMV.

Some minor cosmetics done on the M6:

Wrapped front grill- the slats are black just the rims needed wrapping
Wrapped rear trunk spoiler
Wrapped side grills
Painted side and rear reflectors
Full coded with turn signals in the HUD, TPMS, DVD, Cameras in Motion, amber lights turned off, warnings removed, etc

Wheels are ordered (HRE's), black badges are here, and Im waiting on springs- no one has them yet for the M6

Love the LED's on the M6--- coding removed the ambers too:

Here is the M6 dyno uncorrected with all the runs:

M5 dyno that was done in December... this is the uncorrected sheet.

Please note I do not and did not have a center pipe:

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