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Originally Posted by Vic55 View Post
This. I know, it happened to me. I drove away and could not believe that the exhaust did this. Just as its been mentioned that exhaust will not create huge gains; I could not see it causing as much of a power loss as I felt. I drove back and my installer forgot to plug the lines. Boom, instant power return. Ill bet that is what happened here. It was like driving a non boosted turbo car.
Absolutely. We've been informed now that the installer on Mike's car in particular simply folded the vacuum line over on itself, and put a ziptie around it to clamp it. For the benefit of the forum and anyone installing any exhaust system (not just Eisenmann), be sure to create an air tight seal when plugging the vacuum lines leading to the rear mufflers. Anything less than an air tight seal will cause problems.

Mike, I am very glad that you and I got to speak today, and I hope to hear from you again soon!