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Originally Posted by Reedomn View Post
I am in the same boat (or on the same fence) as I have always driven manuals but am considering an M5 progression has been e30 M3, E36 2 door M3, E36 4 door M3, E39 M5, Audi 4.2 (fast car but a boat) E90 M3....does the M5 feel like a huge car compared to M3??
Like many BMWs, the M5 seems to shrink as you push it harder. It feels supremely confident and planted on twisty roads at speed. My daily drive includes a steep uphill section of twisty, narrow road with a switch back. I blasted the M5 up and it felt faster and more planted than with my M3. While it was a lot of fun to drive, the M3 included more drama.

Because it is so competent and planted, it is also incredibly easy to drive way too fast in the M5. It is like being in a jet where the speed and sense of speed are somewhat divorced. Nevertheless, I do not feel completely issolated from the road. There is a decent amount of feed back through the suspension and the steering wheel.

All of this is a long way of saying that the M5 does not feel like a huge car.
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