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Yes, I got an M6 too.

In short I found it to handle differently than the M5. The chassis feel, response in short turns and high speed bends was awesome. In a straightline, handling was very similar as both suspensions share a similar set up. But the car just inspired more confidence at speed.

The slightly lower weight and chassis set up gives the M6 the advantage IMHO handlingwise and in speed. Whats ironic is I found this Car and Driver comparo after I got the 6:/QUOTE]

You lucky guy! Looks great in white. You're the perfect test case for a premise I posed in an earlier thread, concerning the video you've attached I think. Even though it was stated that the M6 would be the faster car on track, I felt that the improvement over the M5 would only be realized by a very competent driver. I feel that the average driver's limitations will hold both cars to very similar times for a lap, not the capability of the car. Said another way, the driver will reach his limits with each car at very much the same point with cornering, braking, and acceleration, the end results being very close for a lap. I think that the supposed added comfort from the better handling of the M6 won't enable the average driver to turn a faster lap.

Now, I have no idea of your skills as a driver and you may be far better than an average driver, but I'd still be very interested in the results if you ever take both cars to Willow Springs or some other road race type track. Please let us know if you do. Enjoy them both and I envy you the opportunity!