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Originally Posted by jmh View Post
Glad things are settling down (I hope) and we can leave the drama behind us.
Sometimes it is not a bad idea to take in some advice from other folks who also
have been around the block
But more important it's great to IND taking care of you and working with you to
get you to the point of a working Eisenman.
Yep. I realize that I am new to this board, however, I am not new at all to modding and issues, etc. and discussion boards, and I most certainly realize that I can be incorrect and will always freely admit so. I am not a closed minded individual and always appreciate feedback. Frankly, I let the perceived "tone" of the comment aggravate me-that's all. KEyword there "PERCEIVED" -meaning my false perception. My bad.

Anyway, all good on my end here. Appreciate the feedback.


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