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Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post
That thread is a bunch of E55 owners. Those are old used cars now purchased and modded by YOUNG MB fanboys that can't even afford a new 335i. Now that we have the demographic the comments make perfect sense.

This seems to be the case in the thread in question no doubt. As a long time AMG owner (7) and an original owner of a 2004 new E55 I know there are alot of good owners over there. Its sad that they just can't understand that their "venerable" E55's are so long in the tooth now. I dont intend to insult the M113 platform- it was ground breaking back in 2003. I mean who had heard of a sedan with 516 lb/ft of tq 10 years ago? It was a marvel and it was a tuners delight too but its just old now and so are the arguements they pose where they say "my car is 10 years older and still kicks its butt". I mean in reality there is always something faster but that does not make it better.

The AMG vs BMW lame convos will never die.. I just read and move on. After 6 M's and 7 AMG's I realized I cant go wrong with either.
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