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Originally Posted by dkreidel View Post
What are the trade-offs of flying M>.92 down low? Can you really go M1.2 NOE? Woohoo!!
Well it's relative... low-alt gives terrain masking, stay below radar horizon, etc. For a B-1, without forward firing ordnance, speed is life. So high speed is good for ingress or egress, but we have to slow, and sometimes climb, for weapons release.

The fastest I've been at 500AGL was still at a relatively high Pressure Altitude because of the terrain elevation (I'll let you guess where - hint: sonic booms are sometimes a wanted thing to help 'influence' the tide of a firefight). However as you get lower and the air gets thicker, the dynamic pressure over the wings of the B-1 can cause wingtip flutter on the variable swept wings -- eventually we have to stay below about .95Mach - but at that speed most fighters will run out of gas trying to keep up.

Sorry for the thread jack -- now back on point. Can anyone look at the new headlights (like the ones in Vic55's new M6) and say they don't want those for their 2014 M5?
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