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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
You're betting the 2014 M5 will have more power than the 2014 M6 Gran Coupe which costs $30k more. I don't think so.

OK, I guess you can infer that I thought there might be a power boost, since I dont yet have an M5 and was a bit vague.

My guess (because that's really all anyone can do at this point, for the M5) is that we will see the cosmetic upgrades that the 5 series LCI gets.. this is from a factory production standpoint; way to easy to incorporate.

Seat bolsters are a big hope, but as stealth has previsously pointed out, no guarantees. I think that since they are in euro-spec M5s and even the new sport 3-series have them, they should be offered in all 5 series sport packages, to include the M5, starting with MY14.

Power increase? I don't see it happening, either. The only way we would see any change is if, for ease of production reasons, they wanted commonality of engine across M5, M6, and M6GC for MY14 - in other words all S63Tu would have to be bumped for MY14 - and I dont think that will happen.

And finally yes, I do think people will pay some will pay $30k for a GC over a M5, even if the M5 ends up being more powerful -- I am just not one of them; I think the GC looks like someone sat on top of a 5-series and squished it.
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