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Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post
Your kids are too young to cause any real damage. Spit ups are easy to clean. Wait until they are 4+ years old then the real action begins.
Maybe you are right. I may be worrying too much being a first-time dad. Thanks for the advice.

Originally Posted by M54ccibo View Post
Hmm, interior warranty. Maybe I am just too strict, but I don't allow the kids to eat or bring play toys in the car. In fact, I make them take their shoes off

No issues what so ever with wear over three years in my last M5. And the kids were ages 4-7. Contrast that with my wife's RRS, and the car has much more wear than mine ever had...but she allows all of the above.
I like how you lay down the rules for your car. It's nice getting advice from experienced parents. I think I'll hold off getting the warranty for now. Thanks.