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Originally Posted by Bimmer6
Wow not sure I would spend 50k to lease a car? With those kind of numbers why not buy one as good deals are to be had. Good luck.
I would think that on the face of it buying would be a logical choice based on the total cost of the lease.

However it may still be worth it if you are able to write a portion or all of it off your taxes.

If you would like a put option on a 1st year niche car that has unproven resale value. Do you remember when gently used E60's were getting on hammered resale price in late '08/'09???

Lastly there are some people who rather tie up there excess cash in investments which yield higher returns or spend that money on Hookers and blow!

The key with a lease or any financial transaction is to understand exactly what the total cost is and reduce it within the given parameters of the deal.

Just my 2c