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Originally Posted by medman2k1 View Post
I would think that on the face of it buying would be a logical choice based on the total cost of the lease.

However it may still be worth it if you are able to write a portion or all of it off your taxes.

If you would like a put option on a 1st year niche car that has unproven resale value. Do you remember when gently used E60's were getting on hammered resale price in late '08/'09???

Lastly there are some people who rather tie up there excess cash in investments which yield higher returns or spend that money on Hookers and blow!

The key with a lease or any financial transaction is to understand exactly what the total cost is and reduce it within the given parameters of the deal.

Just my 2c
Yeah, I hear ya but a car is a car and I never look at it as an investment. To drop 50k and give it back to drive it for 30k miles is not wise in my opinion a sure way to throw away money. Just my opinion keeping up with the Jone's can get you broke .....if I can't pay for it I don't get it. Tax right off on cars only work when you can charge it against the business, but it's still giving money aways unless it will make money for you while you drive it.