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Originally Posted by m5e60 View Post
I had mine done too. Dealership installed a new set of pads and it continuously making the noise.
So I called my service manager and he told me there is nothing else they can do.
Can you believe $108k M5 cannot fix the brake noise?
So after a long thought, I traded my 2013 F10 to 2013 Porsche cayenne turbo. And will never buy another BMW.
It was embarrassed to drive loud brake squeal noise...
I also have actually thought about trading in the M5 due to the howling squeal. (at this time quiet but unfortunately I expect noise back any day now). The screeching howl seriously reduces owner experience every time I and those around me who look over witness it. I thought about carrying a sign in the rear windows with the following: The Screech You Hear Is Due To The "Racing Brakes" On My Car. I Am I One Of The Lucky 5% Who Have M5's That Get To Enjoy This Howl. BMW I know you are monitoring this site daily. Stop monitoring and start solving.