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After 6 months of F10 M5 ownership, a revisit to the comparison of owning an E60 M5

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Ok so I've decided liven up this board a little by revisiting an old topic, but I'll make this short and sweet. This is a quick comparison of the goods and bads, and I am rating these in order from top to bottom, aesthetics aside of course. I have almost 8,000 miles on my F10 M5 now in only owning it for a little less than 6 months, where as I owned my E60 M5 for 3 years and put 57,000 miles on that one. This is just my take on it, others opinions will vary.

Best things about the E60 M5:
1. S85 V10 engine! (with aftermarket exhaust, there's almost no equal to the exhaust note. This is even more true if you do aftermarket headers!)
2. Smaller size of E60
3. Lighter weight of E60
4. SMG Transmission (Almost no other transmission can rattle the fillings out of your teeth like S6 mode can!)
5. Adjustable Side Bolsters
6. Active Side Bolsters
7. The option for comfort seats rather than just sport seats.

Worst things about the E60 M5:
1. S85 V10 engine! (reliability!!!)
2. Reliability of everything else on the car! (It once cost me $1,000 to replace the side view mirror because the motor on it broke! Overall I spent over $40,000 in maintenance and repairs on my old E60, including a brand new engine, and 4 clutches!)
3. Fuel consumption (I once got 6mpg on my E60!)
4. SMG Transmission (reliability!!!)
5. Oil consumption of the S85 V10 (The 10W-60 is expensive, plus it is only really available either at the dealership or online.)
6. Difficulty in getting more horsepower with mods (Unless you get a supercharger your going to spend well over $10 grand in bolt-ons just to make an extra 100hp.)

Best things about the F10 M5:
1. The S63tu V8 engine!!! (Until recently I was almost about to trade my F10 M5 back in for another E60 M5, because to me the most important thing I love about driving a fast BMW is the exhaust note. The stock exhaust sounds good and I put an RPi GT exhaust with no resonators on as soon as I got the car back from Euro Delivery. But, it still did not make me fall in love with the S63tu powerplant, the exhaust note was way too quiet for me. Both of those exhausts did not make me feel like I was driving a race car, like the feeling I always had with the E60 M5. That is until I recently got the NEW RPi GTM exhaust, that includes a FULL 100% muffler delete and is now straight piped from the downpipes to the exhaust tips! The F10 M5 has now transformed from a subtle gentlemens race car, to a full blown ROARING MONSTER!!! The cracks from the exhaust are like EXTREMELY LOUD thunderclaps or bullwhip cracks! It's INSANE! The ROAR OF THE F10 V8 IS ON PAR WITH THE E60 V10 SCREAM!!!! And I haven't even de-catted the downpipes yet!)
2. The Torque!!! (It's a sheer wall, like getting slammed by a tidal wave)
3. The horsepower! (The S63tu is WAY underrated!)
4. Engine Response! (What the hell is this turbo lag all of you non-F10 M5 owners keep talking about?! In Sport+ mode there is NO freaking lag! EVER! What do we have to do to beat this in your non-F10 M5 owners heads?!)
5. Handling! (The chassis and suspension are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the E60 M5. The F10 M5 can turn on a dime despite it's weight, the E60 can't!)
6. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires! (AMAZING TIRES!!! They contribute largely to the success of the handling of the such a heavy car. Also the tread life is AMAZING!! I've got almost 8,000 miles on the PSS's already and they are not even half-way worn down yet, and I drove with these same tires on the Nurburgring and do mountain drives almost every other weekend! The tires will probably last another 8 to 10 thousand miles!)
7. Bang & Olufsen Sound System (Hands down one of the best sound systems in a car I have heard in my life. It makes the driving experience that much more special when you are jamming to your favorite tunes!)
8. The technology! (The heads up display is AWESOME! And the new iDrive is SO slick and fast. The Navigatoin system has some very useful awesome features, like real time traffic updates, and I've never had problems with false navigation.)
9. The range! (I'm easily getting over 400 miles on a full tank. I once saw 465 miles on the range computer!)
10. Tunability of the engine (With charcoal filter removal, exhaust, downpipes and tune, one could theoretically easily make over 700hp to the crank).

Worst things about the F10 M5:
1. The Weight
2. The Size
3. Oil Consumption (The S63tu does consume oil almost as bad as the V10, I've already filled the engine up twice. Luckily the 5W-30 oil is way cheaper than the 10W-60, and we can pick up 5W-30 from any Autozone.)
4. Fake Induction Noise pumped through the speakers (Just get an aftermarket exhaust and you won't even care anymore!)
5. No adjustable side bolsters (Have we beat this issue to death enough yet?! Lol!)

That's it!

But like I said in my other review from a while back, neither one of these M5's is better than the other. Each is great in it's own way, and one day I would still like to go back and own a V10 again along with keeping my TTV8.

Let the shoosting, or I mean the discussion begin!
The E60 M5 was the Porsche GT3 of M5's, while the F90 M5 is the Porsche Turbo S of M5's, and the F10 M5 is the Porsche GT2RS of M5's.

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