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A Statement of Heritage- Perfecting a BMW Individual Imola Red M5 F10

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While working with BMW cars of all types is a calling for each of us at IND, there is something about a BMW Individual car in particular that truly resonates with us. Modifying a vehicle in it's essence is the act of perfecting something that is already excellent- to take an F10 M5 and improve it further is no easy task. This is why BMW's Individual program is so appealing to us.

BMW Individual cars are a nod from BMW to the unique nature of their customers, and knowing that nearly anything is possible by working with BMW Individual truly makes the cars feel unique and special to us.

This ImolaRot beast arrived in an enclosecd trailer from Ohio [also see: owner's build thread] with a mere 400 miles on the odometer, and represented a unique piece of M history with it's Individual appointments. Not only does this F10 have a manual transmission, but it was also painted in it's wonderful Imola Red tone straight from the factory- a clear statement of heritage calling back to the days of the E39 M5.

With such a near-perfect car as our canvas, IND's staff and our client knew that we did not have to deviate much from the M5 as it landed at IND, but that a few well-placed details would perfect the car.

We improved the clean look of the M5 by eliminating the front reflectors completely. The front bumper was removed and the reflectors filled with a polyurethane material that will stretch and expand with the bumper to provide a lasting finished product. Eliminating the reflectors outright allowed us to give the front of the car a smoother appearance, which was matched in the rear of the car with a paint-matched BMW Performance trunk spoiler. The painted trunk spoiler integrates into the trunk of the M5 giving the car a more aggressive appearance while maintaining a smooth and clean silhouette.

The M5’s already excellent brakes were refinished in the wonderful Imola Red color, with a silver M logo pinstriped by hand to complete the caliper. The side markers were painted red also to integrate the shape of the marker into the front fender.

An Eisenmann Sport full system with 4x102mm exhaust tips give the S63 engine an incredible note under full throttle, while maintaining a subdued tone while cruising. Finally, 21” HRE 940RL wheels in a brushed finish with a tinted clear coat finish the look of the M5, while the tinted clear coat keeps the wheels well integrated into the overall color scheme of the car.