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Originally Posted by mainly
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I actually agree with you. As I have said before, stock for stock the F10 M5 has a better exhaust note. It's just the fake induction noise that gets pumped into the cabin that most people have a beef with, and I don't blame them. Also ever since I straight-piped my M5, I'm like what fake sound through the speakers are you referring to?! I hear nothing but the exhaust now!
no way! stock for stock the e60 had the better exhaust note.

were not talking about idling exhaust note here.

im talking about the sound of an engine that reving to 8400 rpm, when you feel like the car is going to lift off and fly to SPACE!

no amount of mods will make the tansmission of the f10 be as brutal as the e60. it had a madness to it. much more emotional experience.

even after owning an f10, whenever i describe to someone the "experience" of driving an M5, it will always be referring to the e60, not the f10...
Why do you want to make the transmission brutal? it does nothing for shift speed. My e60 went though 3 transmissions before BMW bought it back. Revving to 8400rpm?? mine burnt a quart of oil every 400 miles.

want a brutal tranny? try driving the Aventador in corsa mode. Had a friend pass out on a ride along on a track day from hitting his head on the back of the seat. What fun is that??

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