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Originally Posted by nybimmerfan View Post
I don't get any gloss when I apply the Zaino conditioner. Anyway I thought I would go to the leather masters site to check their conditioners thinking this would be the URL: I got a surprise when I clicked the shop online tab, ha ha ha. So, I used google and eventually got to the correct site. The correct site is

There are several similar products, so which one should I use?

Leather Master Vital Conditioner SKU LMVIT,
Leather World Hydrating Cream SKU LWHC,
Leather Master Protection Cream SKU LMPC

Which ones do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance. BTW, would it be safe to apply these new conditioners on leather where the Zaino conditioner has already been applied?
Don't get me wrong. When I say it adds gloss - I don't mean it adds gloss like tire shine adds gloss. I mean it adds a very very slight shine which is perceptible to a discerning eye.

Regarding product, I buy from Uniters NA who carry the full range.

The type of leather we have is A (Aniline)

My products are
- Leather Master Foam Cleaner - use whenever cleaning
- Leather Master Leather Barrier - prevents dye transfer from jeans. Use to treat leather when new and retreat every 3 months when doing a full cleaning
- Leather Master Protection Cream Matte - use for leather conditioning once a month

I don't bother with Leather Vital because that is for leather that hasn't been conditioned in a long time and needs restoration of natural oils. Our leather is new and doesn't need that.