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Originally Posted by vaibhav11
I put the gloss black emblem from IND on my Monte Carlo Blue M5. The installation was pretty easy... I just followed the instructions posted by IND.

I'm somewhat indifferent on the black emblem on the MCB color. I like that it matches the black side marker grills that i put in, as well as the black kidney grills. But it's also hard to read the M on the MCB color. It could have been the lighting this afternoon when the did the install, and the car was pretty dirty too. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I have a MCB too and after a little experiment with plasti dip the "M5" emblem to glossy black, I ripped it off and thought it would probably be better not to have them blackened. I really don't like those chrome so I will try frozen silver or even brushed aluminum finish when I have time.

Nate, I wonder how frozen silverstone
pieces will look on MCB because it is a bit blue-ish, isn't it? Might be a good match?
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